Your First Year

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Enrollment to next academic year

Your need to enroll yourself every year that you are continuing with your studies (this also applies when changing major). This is typically done via Studielink. For this you will need your DigiD. You also have to remember to pay for your tuition! Either pay it all at once, or in installments.

First year requirements

On your first year, you will have to gain a minimum amount of ECTS to stay in the TU/e study you have chosen. Once you have passed your first year and you are from EU, you do not have minimum ECTS requirements to stay in your study. For Non-EU students who pass their first year, you have to receive 30 ECTS a year to stay in TU/e. TU/e has planned that you would receive 60 ECTS an academic year.

These regulations might change, so to double check this. It is recommended to ask TU/e for clarification if you have a need for it.

Joining TU/e community

You might have fully focused on your studies during your first year, but your university life can have more in it! You can join some Associations or Cosmos and become part of them. Companies in Netherlands value extra curricular activities, so if you want something extra to your CV, becoming an active member of an associations could be a good idea. You will also get a lot of new friends!

Sports can be fun and SSCE offers an affordable sports card.

There are a lot of student teams in TU/e who develop and build a lot of new interesting technologies.


There are constantly new events around the campus and outside of campus. You can join these with your friends! Check out Associations.