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Depending on when you arrive, you might be in Eindhoven just when the Introduction Weeks begin, or slightly before. The Introduction Weeks will take up almost all your time while they are happening, and the university will give you a good overview of when and how to register at city hall, applying for insurance (more on Dutch Health Care, opening a bank account etc). If you are here before introduction weeks, or have free time before classes start, see our page for things to do in Eindhoven or come visit us in the Common Room on the campus!

Health Services

The Netherlands most likely has a different way of providing health care than in the country you are coming from. To read more about the Dutch system, you should check Dutch Health Care which includes an explanation of applying for health insurance.


The easiest way to get around Eindhoven is using bikes. If, for whatever reason, you don't want to travel by bike, Public Transport is very good in Eindhoven and the rest of the Netherlands. It might also be possible to survive just by walking, but having a public transport card or spare bike is never a bad idea just in case.

Dutch culture and Student life

Click Dutch culture and Student life if you want to know more about this! This page tells more about the student life, how dutch students are like and what events can be expected. Also dutch festivals and important days are told on this page. If you also want to know more about learning the dutch language, the local food and dutch peoples' personality, this is the page to peak into.

TU/e Campus Area

Want to know more about the TU/e Campus? Click TU/e Campus for more information. This page shows the map of the campus, the buildings in the campus, services offered by TU/e and some other Campus related information.

Helpful Websites

There are a variety of websites you will use during your studies. Majority of the websites we have listed are run by the TU/e, however, there are a few government run websites that you will need to use.

TU/e Websites

  1. MyTue: MyTue is a portal for all things TU/e, such as links to Osiris, Canvas, Cursor, your schedule, and more! You will not be able to sign into MyTue until you have your student email (password will be the same as the one for your email).
  2. Osiris

Government Websites

  1. Studielink