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The TU/e is a campus-based university, meaning that all buildings and related facilities are located on the campus grounds. General information about TU/e Campus can be found here. The map of the TU/e campus can be here.

The campus is located in a central area in Eindhoven. From Eindhoven Station, it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the entrance of the campus. From any point within the Eindhoven ring (the circular road surrounding the city centre), it takes 10 minutes at most to cycle to the campus.

Main Campus Facilities

There are several facilites provided on campus, and most of them can be found here. Below are some of them which are worth extra mention.


Each study association of TU/e has their own bar, where they organize events for the members of respective their faculty. Nevertheless, the bars are open for anyone. Thursdays are "Borrel" days, which means most Dutch (and international) students visit bars every Thursday to have a fun time. Typically the "Borrel" starts around 16:00 and ends 19:00 (although this differs for every bar), and all the study association bars are open. They offer very cheap drinks, but are usually limited to beer, wine and soda.

Hubble Community Cafe

Hubble is a general-purpose bar which is located in La Luna building. You will get student discount from the bar.

La Luna and Aurora

La Luna and Aurora are on campus housing building. If you are interested in renting a place in them, you can consult the websites of the owners Camelot and Vestide respectively. La Luna is also home of some Associations, Hubble, and a hairdresser.


MetaForum is possibly the most central building on campus. It is home of many facilities including the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the TU/e Library, the Education & Student Affairs (ESA), the ICT helpdesk, the Reproshop (central printing shop) and the Common Room. It is the only building that is open during weekends (excluding exam weeks); it stays open until 23:00 on weekdays and until 22:00 on weekends. For this reason, many students look for study places here and the building is usually full.

Part time jobs (student assistant)

TU/e offers some part time jobs that pay well. If you want a part-time job, it is worth checking what TU/e has to offer. For more information, check Part-time jobs. EuFlex offers TU/e students jobs on campus.

Spar supermarkets

There exist two Spar supermarkets on the TU/e campus, one in buildings La Luna and Flux each. They offer a variety of products tailored to the needs of university students, but food and beverages there. For opening hours and discounts visit the Spar University website or download their app.


SSCE is the student sports center Eindhoven. If you want the cheapest possible sports card for a year, this is the place to get it from. It is usually around €90 for a year. SSCE has a lot of different facilities and has a lot of free (and paid) classes. There also also sports associations which you can become part of.

More information about SSCE can be found here.

Zwarte Doos

The Zwarte Doos is a restaurant and cinema located at the city centre side of the campus.

The restaurant is very neat and serves great dishes, although the price range makes it somewhat less appealing for students.

The cinema is fully equipped with all features of that of large, commercial ones. Nevertheless, the price of movies remains low, €3.50 for students and €7.50 for non-students. The program can be found here.