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[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/eszvv-totelos/ Totelos]: Indoor Football
[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/eszvv-totelos/ Totelos]: Indoor Football
[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/esfv-vertigo/ Vertigo (Sports Associtation) | Vertigo]: Frisbee
[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/esfv-vertigo/ Vertigo]: Frisbee
[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/eswv-weth/ WETH]: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
[https://www.tue.nl/en/our-university/community/eswv-weth/ WETH]: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
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[https://www.tint-eindhoven.nl/ Tint]: Self-Development Association
[https://www.tint-eindhoven.nl/ Tint]: Self-Development Association
==Student Teams==
See [[Student Teams]]

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Student life in Eindhoven is heavily based on associations. An association, in short, is a group of students that share a common interest, that organizes events related to that interest. However, for many, this is simply the starting point, and associations will often organize unrelated activities for the sake of doing things together with others in the association. For instance, the tennis association Fellenoord mostly organizes training and competitions, but members will also get together to have a drink or host an event.

While joining an association is not a requirement by any means, it is an easy way to meet new people and one of the best ways to experience student culture in Eindhoven.

Associations fall into 8 major categories:

Study Associations

FSE is the umbrella organization for study associations of the TU/e. One study association, listed separately, is not part of FSE. Each study at the TU/e has it's own study association, and most study associations have their own bar in their respective buildings on campus. Study associations organize many career related events relevant for students in their faculty, but also have many leisure activities and workshops.

Each study association also organizes a weekly social drink known as a borrel every Thursday in their respective bars. Borrels are free to enter for any TU/e student, though most usually go to the one organized by their study. Borrels are held on Thursdays, from 16:00 - 17:00.

A full list of study associations is provided below (in alphabetical order):

CHEOPS: Built Environment

GEWIS: Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Japie Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Intermate: Innovation Sciences

Industria Industrial Engineering

Lucid: Industrial Design

Protagoras: Biomedical Engineering

J.D. van der Waals: Applied Physics

Thor: Electrical Engineering and Automotive

Simon Stevin: Mechanical Engineering

Non FSE Study Associations

Pattern: Data Science

Cultural Associations

Scala is the umbrella organization for cultural associations at the TU/e. Most cultural associations meet once or twice a week for their particular activities, and will often meet more often to just spend time as a group. Most are located in the basement of the Luna building on Campus.

A full list is of cultural associations is provided below (in alphabetical order):

Chronos: Debate

Dekate Mousa: Photography

Doppio: Theater

Footloose: Dance

Kinjin: Japanese Culture

Knights of the Kitchen Table: Table Top and Role Playing

La Tuñina: Spanish Music

Modern: Modern Music

Quadrivium: Classical Music

Studentproof Jazz: Jazz Music

Student Associations

Compositum is the umbrella organization for student associations at the TU/e. A student association is what in other cultures is often referred to as a fraternity. This means they organize parties, drinks, and other such activities. Student associations in Eindhoven have a rich history and many traditions, and thus most require you to speak some amount of Dutch. However, they do organize events open to the public throughout the year. If you would like to join a student association, be prepared for some hazing.

A full list is of student associations is provided below (in alphabetical order):

Eindhovens Studenten Corps(ESC)



Sports Associations

ESSF is the umbrella organization for sports associations at the TU/e. The Student Sports Center Eindhoven provides opportunities to take part in many different sports, and their activities are organized by sports associations.

A full list is of sports associations is provided below (in alphabetical order):

Acro Yoga: Yoga, Acrobatics

All Terrain: Mountainbike, Outdoor

Asterix: Athletics

Attila: Korfball

Avalanche Boarders: Board sports

Boreas: Sailing

Concorde: Horseback riding

Da Vinci: Archery

De Club: Golf

Don Quishoot: Hockey

ESAC: Climbing

Fellenoord: Tennis

Hajraa: Volleyball

Hoc Habet: Fencing

Icehawks: Ice hockey

Ilyeo: Taekwondo

Impact: Boxing, Kickboxing

Impulsao: Capoeira

Isis: Skating

La Salsa: Salsa

Nayade: Water polo, Swimming

Odin: Strength

Okawa: Canoe

Oktopus: Indoor handball

Panache: Badminton

Pusphaira: Soccer

Quatsh: Squash

SPV Blue: Aerial Silks, Pole fitness

Squadra Veloce: Cycling

Tamar: Volleyball

Taveres: Table tennis

The Elephants: Rugby

Theta: Rowing

Totelos: Indoor Football

Vertigo: Frisbee

WETH: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

Zephyr: eSports

ZES: Gliding

International Associations

There are Country Associations in Eindhoven that provide help and a community for students from their respective countries. They also organize events during the year for the public such as Diwali and Made in Indonesia. Also listed here are two "international" associations, AEGEE Eindhoven and the creator of this wiki, Cosmos.

ACSSE Eindhoven: Chinese Association

AEGEE Eindhoven: Travel Association

Cosmos: International Student Association, creator of this wiki

LSRS Olanda: Romanian Association

PPI/Eindhoven: Indonesian Association

TU/e ISA: Indian Association

Philosophy Associations

Credo is the umbrella association for spiritual or philosophical associations at the TU/e. Some other associations not technically under Credo are also listed here.

Compass: LGBTQ+ Association

Ichthus: Christian Association

Salaam: Islamic Association

Tint: Self-Development Association


These associations are mostly career-related organizations, which do not usually have active members and social activities the way other associations do.

DAS: De Ambitieuze Student (The Ambitious Student) - a student party running for the student council

ESR: Eindhovense Studentenraad - a student party running for the student council

Groep-één: Translates to "Group One"- a student party running for the student council

Integrand Eindhoven: Internships

UniPartners Eindhoven: Short term collaborations with companies

Wervingsdagen: Organizes TU/e career events