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If you are staying, or planning to stay, in the Netherlands for 4 months or more, you need to register at the city hall in the municipality (gemeente) where you are living. This usually has to be done within 5 days after arrival. However,if you are doing it via TU/e, you simply wait for the registration day which they will email you about.

When you are registered, you are provided a BSN number, which is your citizenship number that is needed for all administrative actions in the Netherlands. This includes opening a bank account, visiting a doctor and getting health insurance (see Dutch Health Care), applying for benefits (Zorgtoeslag, Huistoeslag, and more) and for receiving salary if you are working.

Documents needed

TU/e should inform you about the papers needed, but here is the list of documents you typically need to provide:

  • valid ID or Passport
  • Residence permit (if applicable, either a sticker on the passport, a plastic ID card or a letter from IND)
  • rental contract
  • a certified copy of birth certificate (may need an apostille)

City hall only accepts official documents in certain languages, such as Dutch, English, French or German. Please check this before getting official translations.

More information can be found here