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Support Services at the TU/e

Sometimes life and its issues can get in the way of your study progress. Stress is now becoming a normal part of our life, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with it. If you are feeling down, lonely, out of sorts, anxious or just not like “yourself”, you may be eligible to visit one of the student psychologists.

Topics that you may discuss with a student psychologist include the following:

· Stress and stress management issues

· Acculturative stress (stress that comes from adjusting to a new country and culture)

· Anxiety and depressive complaints

· Problems related to autism or ADHD

· Negative thoughts about yourself

· Low confidence

· Fear of failure

· Personal circumstances (e.g. the death of someone close to you or relationship problems)

The Education and Student Affairs (ESA) offers individual coaching and counseling to students at the TU/e free of charge. The support services offered by the student psychologists of ESA are generally short-term (+/- 5 sessions) and take on a solution-based approach.

In addition to individual counseling, ESA also offer group training courses that focus on stress management specifically aimed towards international students. Please check out the website to make an appointment for one of the courses offered for counseling or study management.