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General information page of TU/e introduction weeks can be found here.

Introduction week program for Bachelors and Masters can be found here.

Are you coming from abroad? Then it would be useful for you to read more about the International Registration days, click here. This page is useful for anyone, but especially for those who need to do administrative actions.

To find practical information about the Introduction weeks, you can read more here.

Registration for Introduction weeks

To participate in introduction week, you need to register for it. More information about registration can be found here. It is not recommended to register at the start of Introduction week, as the line for registration typically lasts over an hour. So do it before coming to the Netherlands. Also, if you have dietary restrictions this can be indicated when registering. For those with dietary restrictions, it is heavily advised to register well on time, as otherwise catering might not have time to include your needs to the meal plans.


If you have any questions for the Introduction week, you can contact the organizers from here. You can also contact Cosmos if you have any concerns via Facebook or email (during summer e-mail responses may be slower than usual)


During your introduction week you will be participating in all fun activities. So be prepared to have a lot of fun and little sleep! During this week you can also meet all Cosmos members! It is also the best time to make awesome friends, so it is recommended to participate in all possible things even if you do feel tired.