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Finding housing in Eindhoven is challenging. New students can receive help from the TU/e when coming to the university for the first time, but others will have to search in multiple places to find a good place to live that fits all your needs.

TU/e Housing for New Students

The TU/e helps new international students with finding housing. You should receive some information by email, which includes deadlines etc. More information can be found here. If you are here for Erasmus/Study abroad, follow the link above. The following information is for new students only.

Housing Agencies

TU/e works with several different housing agencies to help students find housing. It is important to note that if you ignore the housing email from the TU/e, do not reply to the email in time, or choose to find housing on your own, you will be responsible for finding your own accommodation and will not receive assistance from the TU/e.

The housing agencies are:

Holland2Stay [1] - If you have been allotted housing with Holland2Stay, you will be contacted by Holland2Stay with information on how to make your booking. This will happen in June/July.

Apartments reserved for TU/e can only be obtained by students who apply via TU/e. Rental agreements will start between 1 August and 15 September. The indicated start date of the rental agreement is indicated in the advertisement of the apartment. Start dates are fixed and cannot be changed. A maximum period of stay of one year applies to all accommodations from Holland2Stay reserved for TU/e. You are allowed to cancel the rental agreement with a notice period of one month during your stay. Apartments listed on the public website of Holland2Stay are not part of the property reserved for TU/e.

All students who are allotted housing with Holland2Stay will be able to choose their studio in the booking website of Holland2Stay. Therefore TU/e cannot take in account a preference for a specific building or studio type.

Eindhoven2Stay offers studios located in various locations in the city of Eindhoven. All in rental prices vary from € 675 up to € 900 per month. If you are at least 23 year of age and you meet the criteria, you can apply for rent benefit. Students under the age of 23 cannot obtain rent benefit for accommodations from Holland2Stay.

Friendly Housing [2]- A number of 100 accommodations is reserved with Friendly Housing. Friendly Housing offers accommodation in single bedrooms in student houses. All accommodation is fully furnished.Student houses are shared by several (international) students. In the Netherlands it is common for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate accommodation for boys or girls.

Rental prices for a room vary from approx. €350 to €550 per month.

All Bachelor's and Master's students who rent a single bedroom in a student house with Friendly Housing receive a rental agreement for a minimum period of 6 months. The start will be between 1 August 2018 and 1 September 2018. The earliest end date of the agreement is six calendar months after the start date. After the six months the rental agreement can be cancelled with a notice period of one calendar month. There is no maximum period of stay for this type of accommodation. You will be able to choose and book your accommodation via the website of Friendly Housing.

When you are allotted housing with Friendly Housing, you will receive an e-mail from Friendly Housing on 29 June with booking instructions. Please note that you need to complete your booking before 17 July. At time of booking the following costs are due:

The first month’s rent The deposit of € 450 At the end of the rental period an amount of € 50 will be deducted from your deposit to cover mandatory cleaning costs.

Vestide [3] - Vestide offers accommodation in shared, semi-private accommodation (private bathroom or private kitchen) or private accommodation on the TU/e campus and in the city of Eindhoven. All accommodations are fully furnished.Rental prices vary from approx. €400 to €650 per month.

When you rent accommodation with shared facilities, you should note that in the Netherlands, it is common for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate accommodation for boys or girls.

You will be able to choose and book your accommodation via the website of Vestide.

When you are allotted housing with Vestide, you will receive an e-mail from Vestide in June/July with booking instructions. With the information in the e-mail you can enter the booking website for TU/e students. You will be able to choose your accommodation from the available options. Please note that options with Vestide are limited.

Finding Your Own Housing

If you would like to find housing yourself, we recommend to be in Eindhoven during your search. This will help prevent you from being scammed. Most students choose accommodation either from the TUe or The Student Hotel for the first year of their stay and look for housing during their first semester or first year of school.

HousingAnywhere [4]- To help you find and book your new room abroad before your arrival, TU/e has a cooperation with HousingAnywhere, the international housing platform. Through HousingAnywhere you can safely book your accommodation, offered by our outgoing students or by verified private landlords.

As a student of TU/e you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on HousingAnywhere.com. Priority access comes with the following perks:

A verified student badge on your profile Priority access to new rooms available Priority within the booking process Landlords and housing providers are educated to accept Verified Students first. The platform allows you to choose from accommodations listed by local students or verified landlords and securely book prior to your arrival. Use of the platform is free of charge. Only if you successfully find a room, a small booking fee will be charged.

To start looking for rooms in Eindhoven, you first have to sign up. Sign up here to receive a VIP profile on HousingAnywhere.com.

To start looking for accommodation in Eindhoven, look here.

Keep in mind: The housing market in Eindhoven is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly.

The Student Hotel [5]- Another short-term housing option is the Student Hotel. Located close to campus, the hotel is a great place to stay if you are planning on looking for housing on your own and need a place to stay while looking. Note that The Student Hotel is only short-term stay and does not allow for Housing Allowance.

Huurtoeslag (Housing Allowance)

Rent benefit is a subsidy provided by the Dutch government to residents on a low income with high rental costs. If you qualify for this benefit you should contact the ‘Belastingdienst’, the Dutch tax administration.

Only residents on low income and living in independent residences, with their own front door and private (unshared) facilities such as kitchen, shower and toilet, are qualified for rent benefit. AKA you must live in a studio apartment to qualify.

To find out if you are entitled to rent benefit, enter your details in www.toeslagen.nl, the website of the ‘Belastingdienst’.

Terms and conditions - A number of factors will influence your qualification for rent benefit, including the amount of rent paid, your current taxable income, your household make-up and any assets.

If you are 23 years of age or older the total amount paid for rent (including service charges) may not exceed € 710,68 per month. Your gross annual income may not exceed €22.400,00 if you live alone. If you live with your partner, your gross annual income may not exceed € 30.400,00.

If you are younger than 23 years old, your monthly rent (including service charges) may not exceed € 417,34. The rules concerning your gross annual income are the same as for people of 23 years and older.

In order to apply for rent benefit you need a BSN (burgerservicenummer). The BSN is a Dutch personal identification number also known as the Citizen Service Number. In order to get a BSN, you need to register with the ‘Gemeente’ (Dutch local government offices/city hall).

BSN & Digid You will not receive your BSN until you move to Eindhoven and register at City Hall! You also require a DigiD to be able to apply for rent benefit. You can request a DigID from www.digid.nl , after your have registered with the municipality. Within five days you will receive an activation code in the mail. You can also request an application form by calling the ‘Belastingdienst’ directly on 0800-0543.

Changes - You need to inform the ‘Belastingdienst’ as soon as your living situation changes, for example changes in the members of your household, a change in income or a different address.

Starting date of rent benefit - You can apply for rent benefit at any time. When you sign a rental agreement and become eligible for rent benefit, the starting date of your benefit will be the first day of the following month. For example, if a rental agreement is signed March 17th, the start date of the rent benefit is April 1st.