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[https://pararius.nl Pararius]
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[https://jaap.nl Jaap]

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Finding housing in Eindhoven is challenging. New students can receive help from the TU/e when coming to the university for the first time, but others will have to search in multiple places to find a good place to live that fits all your needs.

TU/e Housing for New Students

The TU/e helps new international students with finding housing. You should receive some information by email, which includes deadlines etc. More information can be found here. If you are here for Erasmus/Study abroad, more information here. The following information is for new students only.

Finding Your Own Housing

If you would like to find housing yourself, we recommend to be in Eindhoven during your search. This will help prevent you from being scammed. Most students choose accommodation either from the TU/e or The Student Hotel for the first year of their stay and look for housing during their first semester or first year of school.

HousingAnywhere - To help you find and book your new room abroad before your arrival, TU/e has a cooperation with HousingAnywhere, the international housing platform. Through HousingAnywhere you can safely book your accommodation, offered by our outgoing students or by verified private landlords.

The Student Hotel - Another short-term housing option is the Student Hotel. Located close to campus, the hotel is a great place to stay if you are planning on looking for housing on your own and need a place to stay while looking. Note that The Student Hotel is only short-term stay and does not allow for Housing Allowance.

Rental agencies

Goeth Vastgoed

Friendly Housing







Brick Vastgoed

Stones Housing





VB&T verhuurmakelaar


Van Santvoort Makelaars

Coppelmans Makelaardij



Smart Housing



Vestide - Vestide is probably the cheapest agency, offering rooms with shared facilities, however it is very unlikely that you get your first room in Eindhoven from them. The reason is that Vestide works with a special waiting list that favours students who have been waiting for a room longer or are moving here from a farther distance. Since they are one of the cheapest agency, the waiting lists are always full. Nonetheless, if you are planning to stay in Eindhoven for multiple years, you should sign up as soon as possible, so you start accumulating 'months' and you can get to the top of waiting lists in your second year or later.

Kamernet (Subscription based)

Clawq (Subscription based)

Directwonen (Subscription based)

Facebook Groups

There are a variety of resources on Facebook for finding roommates and housing. The Dutch word for room is 'kamer'.

  1. Eindhoven Housing
  2. Eindhoven Housing (Yes, there are two with the same name)
  3. Kamers in Eindhoven
  4. Housing Eindhoven
  5. Eindhoven (NLD) Appartement/Huis te huur/Apartment/House/Room/Home For Rent
  6. Woonruimte regio eindhoven
  7. Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven - kamer(s) in Eindhoven
  8. Housing DAE (Only for Design Academy Eindhoven students)

It is important to know that many Dutch students prefer Dutch roommates. Don't be discouraged or surprised if you see 'Dutch Only' ads.

Tips From Students

After talking with several students, we have come up with a list of tips for you to navigate housing.

  • Friendly Housing is not a popular choice. Many students have reported trouble with the landlords, dirty rooms at move-in, and unfair fees.
  • No matter the company, be sure to take pictures of your house/apartment/room when you move in and send a copy to your housing agency when you first arrive. This helps you document any damages that were on the property BEFORE you arrived and can help prove this should issues arise when you move out. You can send these pictures when you return the move-in form (a form given to you at move-in for documenting inventory and damages. Note: This is usually only given when renting from large companies. Check with your landlord during move-in.

Housing benefits

There is a possibility you can receive housing benefits (huurtoeslag) while being a student. This can be applied for via Belastingdienst which is the Dutch Tax Office. Dutch tax office pages are in dutch, but with a dutch friend or google translate they are easy to navigate on. The conditions for getting housing benefit (huurtoeslag) vary with age, income and living conditions. All conditions are described on the web page.

Your housing company can suggest that they would arrange housing benefits for you, but it would cost you a lot of money. It does not take more than 10 minutes to do it online, so it might be worth figuring out yourself how to apply for housing benefits before paying a lot to your company for a simple task.