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==Dutch language classes==
==Dutch language classes==
Want to learn dutch? Click [[Dutch Classes]] for more information. You can learn it for free in the TU/e by enrolling to dutch classes. There are 6 different dutch classes in total. First two are beginners level, second two are intermediate level, and last two are advanced level. As one board member of Cosmos has completed all of these classes, it can be said that they are very beneficial and if you want to learn proper dutch, doing all the classes can get you there. The teachers are nice and the groups are small. The lessons feel like they are for a class, and not a lecture. The lessons are usually interactive and quite fun.
Want to learn dutch? Click [[Dutch Classes]] for more information.
For more information about dutch classes and their course codes, visit [https://educationguide.tue.nl/broadening/language-courses/dutch/ education guide].
Note: the beginner classes usually fill up fast, so register early to increase chances on getting a spot!
Cosmos also hosts regularly throughout the academic years free Language Cafe's, where you can learn dutch with native speakers from Cosmos. Language Cafe event days are posted to [https://www.facebook.com/cosmos.tue/ Cosmos Facebook page].

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Dutch language classes

Want to learn dutch? Click Dutch Classes for more information.