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TU/e supports its students learning Dutch by offering language classes free of charge. There are 6 different levels in total. The first two are beginner level, the second two are intermediate level, and the last two are advanced level. Completing at least the first couple of courses is beneficial for your social life and later career, as Dutch people appreciate your effort of learning their language. Even if you want to learn proper Dutch, doing all the classes can get you there. The teachers are helpful and the groups are small, which usually results in an interactive and fun class environment.

For more information about Dutch classes and how to subscribe to them, visit the education guide.

Note that the beginner classes usually fill up quickly, so register early to secure a spot for yourself.

The classes will require you to use a separate book for each level, which you have to invest in yourself. Many students don't purchase new books but borrow or buy it second-hand from each other.

Beware that the classes are free of charge given that you attend most of the sessions and the exam (passing is not a requirement), otherwise a certain fee will be charged. For exact regulations, see the education guide above.