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The Common Room is a room in the bottom floor of the Metaforum building on the TU/e Campus, that is free to visit for anyone. The room has a small kitchen, couches, board games, and a projector where you can watch movies or play video games. The Common Room is home to Cosmos and AEGEE Eindhoven, and is the venue for many of both associations' events.

The Common Room is kept open by volunteers, so opening hours aren't guaranteed. However, you can be fairly certain the room will be open on weekdays from 12:00 to 18:00 at the very least.

Reserving the Common Room

The Common Room can be reserved free of charge for events by any TU/e student under certain conditions, a full list of regulations and instructions for booking can be found on the [Common Room Website], but the main points are:

  • The event must be open to everyone
  • The main language of the event must be English
  • The event must be, in some way, "international"

Common room birthday

The first Common room was in the Bunker building right outside of campus. The Common room in the Bunker was opened October 21st 2010. Cosmos hosts a Common room birthday every year to celebrate this occurrence. February 1st 2013, the Common room was moved to the MetaForum building where it is located still. Sometimes this date is used to celebrate the Common room.

Common room address

The following is the postal address of the Common room:

Den dolech 2, Metaforum building, 5612AZ, Eindhoven, the Netherlands