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Moving to a new country can be exciting and scary, but no worries! We are here to help! We are Cosmos!

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is the International Student Association at TU Eindhoven. Our job is help international students integrate into Dutch culture and introduce Dutch students to various cultures.

Becoming a member is free and open to all TU Eindhoven students. You can learn more about what we do as an organisation and become a member via our website [1]

Facebook Pages

Cosmos runs two student pages to help you meet other new students from all departments and ask any questions you may have (if you are unable to find them in our wiki).

The first page is the International Student Team page [2]. Simply request to join and we will gladly include you! The page is monitored by students. We will try to process your request as soon as possible.

The second page is our Cosmos Members Facebook page [3]. You do need to sign up to be a member via our website before requesting to join this page.


For details on accommodation, go to our housing page.

Tips and Tricks for Packing